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January 2018

Overcoming fear filled thoughts.

I’m being super honest today about a struggle I’ve had in my life with fearful thoughts. At times, they would spin completely out of control.  I could be just driving…

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Oops… I blew it again.

Just two days after posting a new devotional about making mistakes I had a day yesterday where I felt like I just totally blew it again. I woke up this…

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I am Love.

AUDIO MESSAGE — We’ve all been exposed to broken and defiled ideas of love from the broken world we live in.   Whether it was through our childhood home life, dating…

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When God speaks to us.

AUDIO MESSAGE — As a little girl growing up in the church I would hear people say that God had spoken to them.  I wondered what that would be like……

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Finding Purpose teaching series.

Deep inside every human heart, there is a longing for purpose.  We want to know that our life matters but we also want to be part of a greater narrative….

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What’s your word for the year?

Grateful? Disciplined? Generous? Patient? What’s your word for this year? I’m not really into making resolutions or setting goals… not that there’s anything wrong with that. But as a new…

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