You are valuable to God.

This week I had the opportunity to share my story and some encouraging words with the gals over at See Hear Love. It had been a while since someone had asked me about how I came to really surrender my life to Christ.  It took me back to the day… a marked day in my life… that I will never forget.  The day I walked away from living for myself and gave everything into the hands of a living Saviour.

I did grow up in church, in a Pastor’s home.  But when I was in grade 10 I made a life-changing decision to walk away from the childhood faith I had known and make my own way in the world.  I didn’t believe that the Christian life I was living was making a difference and I just wanted to fit in.

I shared a bit more of my emotional testimony on a recent devotional video.  You can watch the video devotional here.

Sharing my story brought back to mind these powerful words someone spoke to me over 25 years ago… You are valuable to God. I was just 19 but I had already made a disaster out of my life trying to do things my own way. I believed a lie deep in my soul that God would not take me back. I couldn’t believe his grace was big enough to cover my mistakes.

I knew that woman wasn’t saying something she made up, but that this was a message for me straight from the heart of God. It spoke directly to my situation and that one line changed the course of my life.

Maybe today you need to hear that you are valuable to God too.

Because you are.

He decided that when he paid the ultimate price for your life. And because he redeems everything that is surrendered to him, your story could be a very valuable asset in the hands of God. It truly does not matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done with your life up to this point… all that matters is a fully surrendered heart.

Since that day, I’ve never looked back and Jesus has been oh so patient and kind to lead me into the plans and purposes he had designed for me long before I was born. It hasn’t always been an easy road.  God spoke to my heart and told me I was valuable, but I haven’t always believed it.  Deep down there were insecurities that kept me from really experiencing the grace and love of God to it’s fullest capacity in my life.  I shut him out of areas I didn’t want him to see.  Areas where I refused him access.

Slowly but surely those places where healed and I’ve learned that I truly am valuable to God.  There is no arrogance in that statement. Because my value to God is based solely on his love and grace.  There’s nothing I could ever do to earn it and I certainly don’t deserve it, but he gave it anyway.  I’ve just learned to stand up under the power of that and live like I’m loved.

I don’t know who needed to hear this today or why… But God loves you just as you are and you have great value to Him!

This is a pic of me on set with the gals at See Hear Love.  Please take a moment to follow the link and check their show!!

Watch the full episode with my interview here!


Brenda Drost is a Pastor and Speaker who is known for her warm smile and passionate preaching style. Whether she is teaching at her home church or out on the road, she loves to bring challenging messages that actually help people live out their faith in the real world.  She and her husband live on their farm in the beautiful Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada where they have raised their four children.   Find out more about Brenda here.




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