Most of us would probably say there are very few people in this life who we actually really trust.  You could probably count on one hand the number of people in your life who you know you could count on for absolutely anything at absolutely any time. My husband, my best friend, one or two of my colleagues. I think I’m one of the lucky few.  So many people have been let down and trust has been broken even by those who are closest to us… the ones who were meant to protect us and watch over us.  The ones we should have been able to trust.

At some point though we need to make the clear distinction that although people may not be worthy of trust, God is.  We will never become the people God intended us to be, with the nature and character of Christ formed within us, if we don’t trust God.  Really trust him.

Trust is harder than we think it is, and all too often we limit what God can do in and through our lives because of our inability to literally lay down our own desire for control and trust him. 

God loves you and is deeply concerned about your life.  He has your best interests at heart. But most of the time, if we are honest, we trust in our own ability to control our lives and the people and things around us more than we trust in God. Trusting God is a hard choice, but one we must learn to make over and over and over again if we are ever going to be the people he intends for us to be.



Brenda Drost is a Pastor and Speaker who is known for her warm smile and passionate preaching style. Whether she is teaching at her home church or out on the road, she loves to bring challenging messages that actually help people live out their faith in the real world.  She and her husband live on their farm in the beautiful Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada where they have raised their four children.   Find out more about Brenda here.


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  • Laurie Betts says:

    Thank you, Brenda. I’m really trying to Trust in God however it’s hard when you do it alone. I miss our Thursday morning groups and my friends…

    • Brenda Drost says:

      We all need people around us to spur us on and encourage us in our walk of faith. I do hope you find a place to get connected with other women. It’s necessary for our growth.

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