Seven days of prayer.

COVID-19 has occupied every social media feed and news cast for the last several weeks. We can’t escape the reality that this super virus is taking our world by storm. We can’t back down or hide away in our homes and hope it will all go away. As Christians we have a call, a mandate on our lives, to pray God’s will into this, and every situation.

When Canada began to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic I was away in the US speaking at a women’s conference. Upon arriving home my husband and I self-quarantined for 14 days just to be safe.

As a pastor I’m used to be present with people in their times of crisis so this was a very different thing for me to get my head around… being locked up in my own home and watching the world around me spin out of control. I was feeling at times rather helpless, but turning to prayer helped me to stay focused and engaged.

Prayer is actually the most effective and powerful tool we have right now to use to fight against COVID-19 and support our families and communities. I find choosing one prayer focus each day gave me more intentionality and purpose, and also allowed me to go deeper into prayer for each topic. I wrote a short thought about the specific things I was praying for and included some scriptures for a biblical basis for my prayers. I also started creating short videos on my iPhone as a way of sharing my thoughts and prayers for the day.

I wanted to share the videos and content with you so that you can continue to use this as a resource for prayer during this season. Each day includes an encouragement for how to pray and scriptures to reference as a biblical support.

You can follow along with all the videos and download the PDF prayer guide here.

I hope this content will serve as a reminder to pray each day and as a way to keep your thoughts focused, but I also want to encourage you to lean in and listen closely to the Holy Spirit’s leadership during your times of prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit for help when you pray. He is our ever-present help and guide when it comes to praying precise and targeted prayers. He reveals things to us so we can pray more effectively. Take time to just sit quietly and listen to his voice and then boldly pray out the things he speaks to you. This is how we can actively partner with God to see his will released into the world around us.

Let’s join together and lift our collective voices in focused prayer as we stand strong against this virus and its effects in our communities.

Here’s the first video… you can find the rest of the content here.



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