Bible Studies

What is the purpose of prayer?

AUDIO MESSAGE – Have you ever stopped to actually consider what the purpose of prayer is? Some would say it’s as simple as talking to God like having a chat…

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What defines you?

If you ask someone to tell you a bit about themselves, they would probably have a quick list of things that give you an opportunity to size them up according…

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This study has been a long time coming. It grew in my heart over many years of watching women struggle to apply even the most simple teachings to their lives….

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Manage the seed.

AUDIO MESSAGE — The principles of sowing and reaping, seedtime and harvest are seen throughout the Bible from beginning to end.  It seems that God loves the idea of the…

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Finding Purpose teaching series.

Deep inside every human heart, there is a longing for purpose.  We want to know that our life matters but we also want to be part of a greater narrative….

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