Defined by Faith

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ReDefined Series
Session Six

Our journey began by placing our faith in Jesus Christ but we are also called through scripture to walk by
faith and live by faith. Everything about our new life in Christ is understood and applied by faith.

It’s important to stop and think about what we really believe in from time to time, because as we said before, what we believe will determine how we live.

My dad was a pastor and one of his favorite topics to speak on was faith. While listening to one of his old preaching tapes I came across this quote.
I don’t want to die a mediocre Christian.
I want to leave an impact on my generation for the Kingdom of God.
I want to make changes, not just for my own destiny or the destiny of mankind, but for my family.
This kind of faith is tenacious faith that hangs on and says I’m going to make a difference, not just for myself but for my children and the generation that is to come.

My parents came to faith just around the time I was born. As the first on both sides of their families to come to know Christ they struggled to realign their lives according to the teachings of the faith. And honestly, they didn’t always get it right. But I don’t remember them for the mistakes they made, I remember that more than anything they wanted their lives to please God.

If you are a parent, I want to encourage you today that it’s not about always getting it right, so quit being so hard on yourself. It’s much more about having the humility to admit when you’re wrong, learn from your mistakes, and hold on to the determination to be better.

Faith isn’t about perfection… it’s about perseverance.


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Brenda Drost is a Pastor and Speaker who is known for her warm smile and passionate preaching style. Whether she is teaching at her home church or out on the road, she loves to bring challenging messages that actually help people live out their faith in the real world.  She and her husband live on their farm in the beautiful Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada where they have raised their four children.   Find out more about Brenda here.