Defined by Love

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ReDefined Series
Session Five

We’ve all been exposed to broken and defiled ideas of love from the broken world we live in. Either from childhood or later life experiences, we’ve all been affected by the wounds we’ve received in the name of love.

Most of us don’t know how to properly give or receive love in a healthy way. This ends up effecting all of our relationships and continues to perpetuate a broken ideal of love in the world around us.

There’s lots we could say about love, but I want to focus in on two major dysfunctions when it comes to understanding the love of our Heavenly Father.

First, we may find ourselves continually searching to fill a void, trying to earn love through people pleasing, overworking and seeking approval and acceptance from the people we encounter. Outside of God’s love we will never feel a love that fulfills and sustains us. So, we keep on searching, draining all the love we can out of every relationship we walk in to.

Maybe that’s not you. You might be the one who withdraws, wounded and jaded by love. Hurt so badly that you begin to build walls to keep people out. We guard ourselves from further abuse, abandonment, rejection or wounding by retreating into isolation and not really allowing anyone to love us at all.

The enemy would love for us to stay in this broken state.

But thank God he didn’t leave us to figure it out on our own. Like the loving Father He is, He heard the cry of all humanity, and was compelled to run towards us. He was compelled to bring us an answer and the answer was Jesus. God chose to reveal his love to us through the person of Jesus.

Jesus came to teach us what real love is.

He fills us completely so we can stop looking for love in all the wrong places.

He heals the broken places of our hearts so we can learn to really love again.


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Brenda Drost is a Pastor and Speaker who is known for her warm smile and passionate preaching style. Whether she is teaching at her home church or out on the road, she loves to bring challenging messages that actually help people live out their faith in the real world.  She and her husband live on their farm in the beautiful Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada where they have raised their four children.   Find out more about Brenda here.