Heart Issues

Let’s get to the heart of the issue.

The heart is the seat of your soul.  It’s the place that guides your goals and dreams, daily decision making, and emotional reactions.  We have the responsibility to guard what is allowed to influence our hearts, to keep our hearts soft and surrendered the Lord, and to have hearts that are steadfast and sure.

The bible says that while man looks at the outward appearance, God sees straight through to the heart.  He sees us according to what is driving and motivating us from deep inside, so it’s important that we are aware of what is going on deep in our hearts too.

This study includes 6 short videos and a written devotional guide that you can work through at your own pace.

Let’s get started…

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We recommend bookmarking this page in your reading list so you can come back to it easily as you take the time to work through all the content. Consider inviting your friends to work through the study with you… learning is always more fun when we do it together.


A heart that sees the big picture.

When we read the account of Joseph’s life, we can easily see that he had many reasons to be bitter and carry resentment. No matter how many things went wrong in his life, Joseph never failed to see the big picture plans of God.

A heart full of faith.

Where everyone else could only see a giant, David saw a victory. A heart of faith rises up against every obstacle and opposition because it can see the victory coming on the other side.

A heart fixed on being faithful.

The influence of modern culture, politics, and peer pressure are strong.  When we take the time to build our relationship with God we won’t be tempted to bow to other voices of influence.

A heart full of hope.

Even from prison, the apostle Paul never let his own circumstances deter him from his calling to encourage and build the local church. He remained hopeful and always kept expectantly watching for the activity of God.

A heart that longs to see Christ revealed.

Here’s the truth that Paul knew in the depths of his heart… even in our moments of greatest adversity there is always an opportunity for Christ to be revealed. Paul was always eagerly looking for Christ to be revealed in every moment.

A heart that is fully surrendered.

Mary had the heart of a faithful servant.  Even though she must have had a million questions she chose trust over clarity and fully surrendered herself to God’s will for her life and future.

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