Practical devotional studies for everyday life.

Life is busy. These free video-driven studies are easy to take on the go.
Each study contains practical and biblical content to challenge and inspire your faith. The content here is forever free for individual study or to share with your friends.

Some of Brenda’s studies are also available on Right Now Media.

More Than a Feeling.

We all experience emotional upheaval from time to time. Our tendency is to stuff our emotions, hide them, and turn to dysfunctional ways of coping so that we can forget the pain and go on with our lives. But stuffing our emotions isn’t the same as dealing with them.

Emotions signal a deeper issue of the heart that needs to receive the healing touch of Jesus and be transformed by his love. We have to get better at processing our emotions if we are going to grow into the spiritually and emotionally healthy people God has called us to be.

This study offers healthy pathways to process overwhelming emotions.

This study is also available on Right Now Media

Heart Issues.

Our words reveal the attitude of our hearts, especially in difficult circumstances and moments of high pressure.

There are certain phrases from the stories of our favorite bible characters that give us great insight into the heart attitudes and mindsets behind the words. Despite extreme adversity, even at times to the point of being faced with death, these bible characters had their hearts in the right place.

In six short devotional videos, we will look at the lives of 6 bible characters whose heart attitudes we can learn from.


Jesus told his followers that he had come to give them life in all its fullness, but if we are honest, we are not always experiencing life to the fullest in every area. In fact, there is often a huge gap that lies between this promise of abundant life, and the reality of where we are at right now.

In this 6-week teaching series, we will discover how to close that gap so we can embrace the promises of God in our everyday life. It’s time to lay down the lies, labels, and limitations we’ve been carrying around from our old life and pick up the freedom of our brand-new life in Christ.

This study is also available on Right Now Media

Everyday Advent.

Advent is a time to remember and reflect, but it’s also a time of looking forward with hope and anticipation.

We remember the significance of the baby Jesus who was born in a little town called Bethlehem, and we look forward with great anticipation to his return one day for his church.  But the greatest revelation of all is that Jesus is alive and being revealed in a deeper way in our hearts every day.

This study includes 5 devotional videos and a free study guide with written devotionals and questions for reflection.

This study is also available on Right Now Media.

Finding Purpose.

You were created on purpose, for a purpose. But so many of us are struggling to figure out what our purpose actually is and to walk fully in the things God created us to do. While part of that purpose is the same for every believer, another part of it is uniquely designed for you.

It’s time to stop searching for your purpose and start living it.

This study includes 3 teaching videos and a 21-day devotional journey that will lead you on a journey to discover, embrace, and protect your unique purpose.